Cardiovascular disease is a global problem


My research aims to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.  This involves understanding and reducing:

  • Mortality in cardiovascular disease
  • Complications for patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Cost of delivering care for cardiovascular disease 

In terms of the methodology and publication, I have done it all from systematic reviews to small audits/health service evaluations to large national datasets. I can fully relate to the struggles of a junior researcher.


Research strategy


My previous supervisors use to say:


"You should be able to persuade a stranger on the street to give you $5 towards your research.  Otherwise, it is not worth doing it."


Medical research should aim to improve clinical practice.  Clinical practice is all about decision making. 

My work is divided into two main areas:


1. Things that excite the public related to  cardiovascular disease such as:

2. Things that are important to cardiologists such as:

Medical research is competitive and ideas can be taken by others. For more information about current work please email me.